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About Eva

Hi I’m Eva.   
I am 55 years old and have been married to my loving husband for 34 years, I am a mother and mother-in-law to two wonderful sons and their partners and grandmother to five wondeful grandchildren. 
My next passion in life is the human mind and body and helping others to be well.
For over 25 years my background has come from dance teacher/choreographer, to Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist, Scenar therapist.  Then from my experiences, I designed my own Teacher Training System (S. Y. S. T .E .M. – Stylized Yoga System Training Eva McArtney) and also my own health and fitness system called :::eva-fit.
:::eva-fit helps you to be fit, healthy, free of pain and understand your body better.

As my dance experience only started when I was a young adult, I soon realised how tight my body was but am very grateful to this day to now have a very open and flexible musculature and physique.  Having suffered back pain in my early thirties, (chronic scoliosis - I always love to show my ‘before and after’ x-rays to others as it gives hope), I no longer have scoliosis or an ounce of pain in my body, I never ever thought I could be pain-free, it seemed only a dream and it was only through the intense and vigorous study that showed me, no-one has to be in pain and through natural ways, the body heals.   I have travelled as far as Miami to enhance my knowledge which I just love to share.
My passion for wellbeing starts off as a selfish thing, as I want to live the best and most comfortable I can in this body, while I am here on this earth. 

My faith is in God, knowing in my own mind, that there is so much more to this very small span of physical life for a human being.   Although I think our spiritual walk is essential to life, I am happy to discuss it with anyone but leave it the responsibility for others to search their own path.  With my father having been killed suddenly in a car accident, it took every ounce of everything I knew and had taught others, plus more, to heal through this time.  I miss him a lot but his free-spirit attitude has passed on to us his children, and onto his grandchildren.  It simply changed us all, forever.




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Eva’s qualifications:
(B.S.Y.T Th - Accr.Sc.Th.)
British School of Yoga - Teacher
British School of Yoga – Therapist
Fully Accredited SCENAR Practitioner/ Cosmetology
Massage Therapist LOMI LOMI (Holistic Health Ltd)
Indian Head Massage Therapist (Holistic Health Ltd)
S.Y.S.T.E.M. Director – Teacher Training
:::eva-fit  &  “Better Health” Coach

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