Strength and Flexibility e-asier!   Suiting every single body – Fit or not!  Flexible or not!  Private Bookings - including groups.  Plus learning to relax properly.

Yoga Fitness with Eva:  
(A body workout – a full body musculoskeletal strengthening and conditioning program)

  • Feel freedom in your body
  • Feel energized through deep breathing
  • Feel powerful, limber and in control
  • Feel what it’s like to relax, properly!

  • Yoga is said to be one of the most complete forms of body maintenance and is known to be the exercise that gives you energy rather than depleting it.

    Yoga Fitness is a sensible flowing stretch and strength program that has been developed through comprehensive study and an understanding of the body’s nervous system.   It is non-traditional but soothing for body/mind/soul.

    The workout is choreographed to suit the individuals involved, taking into consideration what I see in the body and what may be needed.

    A balanced muscular system and healthy breathing can change your life and the way you see the world.

    With positive reinforcement Eva helps to enhance your body’s natural movement so you  can achieve new goals, physically, mentally and  emotionally.

    It is fun, exhilarating and calming … all at once.  It will release tension in your body, you will feel worked,
    … but great!   Breathe and enjoy this wonderful yoga style!

    Contact Eva to find her recent location ... for-eva-fit!


    3 Delta Drive | Renwick | Marlborough | Phone: 035729180 ...

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