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DXN’s Ganoderma – The Magic Mushroom
Ganoderma is a superb herb, classed as an ‘adaptogen’ bringing good health and oxygenation to the body.

Adaptogenic whole food supplements are superior to vitamins, minerals and standardized extract supplements.

An adaptogen works in a synergistic manner increasing the body’s own ability to fight off illness before it sets in, in direct contrast to modern drugs which attack specific disease symptoms after you are thoroughly sick.

Popular Ganoderma Products:

Ganoderma Capsules
Ganoderma Coffee – an alkaline coffee
Ganoderma Mocha
Ganoderma Toothpaste
Ganoderma Mints
Ganoderma Body Oil
Ganoderma Shampoo
Ganoderma Soap

DXN also have other affordable products that are complementary to Ganoderma such as Spirulina, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera which is in the popular lipstick, Potenzhi (tonic for libido), plus many others, including an Energy Water System – Aquazeon certified World Standard -  safe and clean -  pH balanced around 7.4.  With today’s unhealthy water, it is no wonder our bodies are struggling.

A business opportunity is available for those who love this product and would like to sell-on.

To check out all the Ganoderma products and interesting reading on health - visit Eva’s Gano website:
www.online-ganoderma.com/bodyzone and www.dxnaus.com.au/site/bodyzone



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