Therapeutic Neuromuscular Skeletal Treatment including Therapeutic Massage and Biofeedback

The Advanced Way Back To Improved Functionality Using A Multidisciplinary Approach With Complementary Therapies. The modalities used to gain alignment and functional movement through spinal integrity include: interview/assessment, energo-neuro adaptive regulation (scenar therapy), massage therapy, relaxation therapy, hypnosis, breath therapy (analysis), stretching and the importance of strengthening including the core as part of a patient's rehabilitation.  Any or all modalities and services offered are usually incorporated into a treatment, when needed, at no additional charge.  The client is interactively involved with treatment.  Pain can arise from trauma, surgical intervention, or mal-alignment. Whichever it is, a person should not have to continue on in a pain situation.

After sustaining lower back pain, Eva knows what it is like to endure pain and never feeling the hope of relief, either from the pain or from the anxiety it caused.  From this pain, her search begun and having no pain in her body today resulting from her continual study and increased knowledge as a therapist, and with over 25 years of working with the body, she became passionate and driven to help others in the same capacity.


:::eva-fit includes:

YOGA FITNESS – Strength/flexibility and relaxation.  

With 66% of people breathing incorrectly, the Breathing Clinic offers a computer analysis that shows true breath by breath movement, with then, any necessary corrective work being taught.  An educational tool.

Instant pain relief by using a hand-held electro-neuro stimulating device. Russian made, it has been and still remains to be a successful pain relief medical tool around the world.

Beautiful Hawaiian Massage.

Indian Head Massage.

Learning to relax properly.

A private consultation discussing your personal natural health and/or fitness needs.

SWOOP Fitness NZ  (including POWER SWOOP) – Cardio and Core Fitness with a Hula Hoop ... A Total Body Workout – Burn calories and get fit!

DXN’s Ganoderma – The Magic Mushroom
Ganoderma is a superb herb, classed as an ‘adaptogen’ bringing good health and oxygenation to the body. (read more:)


- Yoga Fitness.

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Eva McArtney

Eva’s qualifications:
(B.S.Y.T Th - Accr.Sc.Th.)
British School of Yoga - Teacher
British School of Yoga – Therapist
Fully Accredited SCENAR Practitioner/ Cosmetology
Massage Therapist LOMI LOMI (Holistic Health Ltd)
Indian Head Massage Therapist (Holistic Health Ltd)
S.Y.S.T.E.M. Director – Teacher Training
:::eva-fit  &  “Better Health” Coach

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